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This is the show where we put technology under the microscope we take a photo of it with our smartphones, zoom in really close, we chuck it into the blender, press the button and look at what’s happening in technology innovation and gadgets that make our lives so much more exciting.

Patrick Bonello & Tor Roxburgh

About the Smart-Asses

Tor is a writer and a speculative fiction reader and sci-fi fostered a lifelong love of technology.  The first tech she fell in love with at boarding school was portable record player.

Patrick’s first tech love was his first computer, a TRS-80 model 1, level 2. it had a monochrome screen and a cassette drive.  Patrick is a journalist and has a marketing and graphic design business.

Tor Roxburgh

Tor Roxburgh


Patrick Bonello

Patrick Bonello


Recent Episodes

Who is the Smart-ass?

Should we spell the name of our podcast smart-arse or smart-ass? 

Who are these crazy nerds and why do they love technology so much?

These are the very important questions we want to delve into every fortnight on OK Smart-ass (arse).  And for those people in North America a fortnight is not only a cool game but it also means we do an episode every two weeks.

Season 1, Episode 16   |   35 min

Season 1, Episode 15    |   44 min

Season 1, Episode 14    |   42 min

Season 1, Episode 13    |   50 min

Season 1, Episode 12    |    43 min

Season 1, Episode 11    |    47 min

Season 1, Episode 10    |    41 min

A dancing burger and a head in an OK Smart-ass burger box

In our latest Episode:

Patrick gets edgy about Tor’s sudden fascination with technologically advanced cannibalism.

We discover that throwing a famous nonagenarian up into the air is an irresistible attention grabber.

And Patrick has trouble convincing Tor that the tyres on his scooter represent cutting edge technology.

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